Your Challenges

  • Amount of footage to sort, sync and edit
  • Missing or incorrect timecode
  • Overcomplicated workflows
  • Less time for creative editing

Our Solution

  • Automatic labelling and synchronisation
  • No timecode or scratch audio needed
  • Just use the clapperboard to sync automatically
  • Integrates with your favourite NLE


Endslate.AI integrates with all your favourite NLE's, even if you use multiple for different projects.


Select the audio and video clips you want to analyse and click β€œStart”. It’s as easy as that.


Your data is being analysed locally, on your own machine. No cloud, no upload time, no worries.

No Hardware

Endslate.AI works with any camera and recording device, without the need for expensive timecode lockits and complex workflows on-set. Make your producer happy!


Forget tedious labelling work. Just lean back and pour yourself a coffee. We will handle the rest.

Pay per project

With our flexible plans you only pay when you use the software and are able to bill your clients accordingly.

Scene 5A, Take 2
Scene 5A, Take 2
& sync

How it works

Our innovative plugin uses artificial intelligence and modern computer vision algorithms to detect the clapperboard in your video files. Our software converts the handwritten scene and take information into digital metadata and automatically matches the video to the appropriate audio files, which get identified by analysing the spoken scene and take information. Further analysis detects the exact frame the slate has been clapped at, as well as the spike in the audio files.

Free demo

The first version of Endslate.AI detects the frame of the clap in your video and audio files and sets markers for you to automatically sync with. Contact us to sign-up for the free demo.

Automatic Matching

The next release will include automatic file matching using the handwritten slate information and speech-to-text analysis. Stay tuned!


The slate has more metadata fields than just scene and take, right? In future updates we will be able to detect those as well.

More plugins

We want you to be able to use Endslate.AI with any editing software you want. After Adobe Premiere Pro, integrations for AVID Media Composer, Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve and Apple Final Cut Pro X will be available.

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Our supporters

Endslate.AI is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and the European Social Fund as part of the EXIST program.

About us

We are Endslate.AI - a film technology start-up from Stuttgart, Germany. After freelancing in the film industry ourselves, we decided to use our strong engineering background to give our fellow filmmakers the tools they need to be more productive and creative. Our mission is to accelerate your postproduction workflows and enable you to stay focused on your creativity at all times.